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5 year old Female/ Available at the Station

Poor Silver…she has been relinquished to us twice due to anxiety. When she gets nervous, she violently chase her tail. She’s never tried to bite anyone, she just tries to bite her tail. We learned that before coming to us the first time, she had spent the majority of her life locked in a kennel (for about 12 hours a day). It’s no wonder she gets nervous so easily. In hopes of helping control her issue, we started her on CBD Oil and what a huge difference it has made! She runs to us so she can receive love and pets now. She’s even started rolling over on her back and allowing a couple of our staff members to rub her belly. There are times when she still gets a little overwhelmed if there’s too much commotion, but we’re able to stop her before she goes after her tail. Silver is a great little girl; very loyal once she finds a human to attach to. She’s treat motivated, listens well and learns quickly; she’ll follow you everywhere. She loves to play with her toys, play fetch and take walks. She would do best in a home where there are no other pets or children. It would be ideal for her if her human was home often. We hope there’s a patient person out there willing to give Silver the forever home she needs and deserves.