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Be the change for abandoned pugs.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of abandoned, neglected, unwanted, displaced, and abused pugs. Our goal is to find every homeless pug a forever home; if we cannot do that, we pledge to provide a comfortable and loving place for sick or unwanted pugs to live out their lives. Our Board of seven and numerous volunteers are passionate about Pug Rescue and live by our motto of "One Pug at a Time". We feel that through our efforts we can change many of these forgotten Pug's lives. In order to find our Pugs a home as soon as possible, we hold at least three adoption fairs a month and also organize a number of fundraising events, including the annual Pugtacular festival and Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood. These events and on-line fundraising have provided the money to help pay for vet treatments, medicine and loving care at our Pug Station. We rely on the generosity of our supporters through donations and participation in our fundraising activities. If you would like to make a donation, find out about the next event, become a volunteer, foster, or adopt your own rescue pug, you are in the right place! You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter, there is always something going on and new pugs needing your help.

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Donating through Amazon is one way you can support Pug Nation LA. Please visit our wish list and consider donating. Our list wish list is full of small essentials that keep Pug Nation running day-to-day. Your suppoer means more pugs placed in loving, forever homes!

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The Latest at Pug Nation.

Upcoming adoption events!
We will be holding two adoption events this month. Come visit with our pugs and help us find them a forever family. Please visit our events page for more!

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Join us in welcoming our new pugs!
The last few months have been exceptional at Pug Nation. We have adopted out a large number of pugs to forever families, including a few seniors! Please check out our adoption page for the newest updates.

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Puggita, Female 11 years, Available.
While most of the pugs at the station are mingling, chasing each other around and getting energized by each other's company, Puggita on the other hand prefers to spend her time recharging in her way: sweet, sweet solitude. She definitely leans towards introversion and seems most comfortable on a bed, by herself playing with her favorite toy or simply observing the other pugs from a distance. Unfortunately, she does tend to get insecure when the other pugs get too close and will sometimes lash out. Of course, a little bit of time and training can benefit her, but as of right now, we recommend that she goes to an "only-pet" household. Puggita may be a little shaky with other animals, but when it comes to people she is VERY sweet and polite. She'll remain low key and loves to get cozy on her dog bed, but don't let her aloofness fool you. Puggita is extremely welcoming and loves it when people approach her. Her ears will perk up, her tail will flutter, all that good stuff when she gets human attention. She'll even lay on her back sometimes for belly rubs. To see her at her liveliest, dangle a leash in front of her to let her know she's going for a walk. The moment you connect the leash to her harness she will get a sudden jolt of energy, which will quickly make her go from wagging her tail to literally doing a dance! Even though she's hiked through the same route outside the station many, many times, she is such a curious pug that she'll sniff and explore everything like it was her first time, like a bloodhound. Since she is older, she is fine walking at a slower pace. Puggita often gets overlooked at the station because of her tendency to get edgy with the other dogs, but spend some time alone with her and you'll see her true personality: a very sweet, mellow dog who genuinely loves the human race. Come visit her and see for yourself! She's waiting......

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Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. © 2013, Pugnation.